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2021, Volume 42, Issue 9 publish date:September 01 2021
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Fluid Mechanics
Machine Learning With Physical Empirical Model Constraints for Prediction of Shale Oil Production
ZHOU Jimin, ZHANG Haichen, WANG Moran
2021, 42(9): 881-890.   doi: 10.21656/1000-0887.420015
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Prediction of oil and gas production is an important way to determine its development economy. However, at present the production prediction is still hard to achieve consistency between the physics-based method and the data-based method. For shale oil and gas production analysis, in-depth combination of mathematical advantages brought by BP neural networks and LSTM neural networks, and comprehensive consideration of physics-based models, lead to good improvement in the prediction accuracy of the model. After training with practical testing data, the prediction of oilfield production can be significantly improved. Afterwards, the effects of the reservoir depth, the TOC and the brittleness, etc. on production prediction were studied. In conclusion, the work provides reliable production prediction and economic evaluation for large-scale development of shale oil and gas.
A Low-Order Model Method for 2-Phase Oil Reservoir Simulation
JIA Xinxin, WANG Lei, ZHANG Hao, SUN Xiaoling, DUAN Liya, WANG Xin
2021, 42(9): 891-899.   doi: 10.21656/1000-0887.410235
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At present, the main methods used in reservoir numerical simulation, such as the finite element method and the finite volume method, require long calculation times, which limit their implementation in the real-time prediction and the reservoir production. An efficient data-processing method that based on the POD (proper orthogonal decomposition) was proposed to obtain the empirical coefficients and eigenfunctions of the oil-water 2-phase flow in the reservoir, and build a new low-order Galerkin calculation model. The numerical calculation indicates that, with the POD, the calculated eigenvector energy has proper features. Only a small number of eigenvalues can capture most of the energy, completely describe the reservoir characteristics (pressure, saturation), and help reduce the order of the partial differential equations. The calculation results of the low-order model are in good agreement with those from the IMPES, with much time saved. The proposed method applies well to history matching in numerical simulation of reservoir injection and production.
An Investigation on the Immiscible Displacement in Porous Media With Contact Angle Hysteresis
CHEN Jiahao, LOU Qin
2021, 42(9): 900-914.   doi: 10.21656/1000-0887.410278
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Contact angle hysteresis is the difference between advancing and receding contact angles, and makes an important phenomenon in 2-phase flow on a wetting surface. An improved interparticle potential model was coupled with the geometrical formulation contact angle scheme to investigate the effects of the contact angle hysteresis, the capillary number, and the geometry structure on immiscible displacement issues in porous media. The numerical results show that, the displacement efficiency increases with the receding angle for a given capillary number and a given advancing angle. On the other hand, for 3 types of contact angle hysteresis windows: hydrophilic, neutral and neutral hysteresis windows, the displacement efficiency of hydrophilic hysteresis windows is higher than that of neutral and hydrophobic conditions. Furthermore, in hydrophobic and neutral contact angle hysteresis windows, the displacement efficiency decreases with the hysteresis window magnitude. In the same contact angle hysteresis for single-permeability porous media, a larger Ca number makes the viscous fingers more obviously, so the displacement efficiency decreases with the capillary number. For the dual-permeability porous media, it is easier for the displacing phase flows to finger in high-permeability areas and break through the boundary first. As a result, in the high-permeability area the displacement efficiency is significantly higher than that in the single-permeability area. The heterogeneity of dual-permeability porous media will enhance the influence of contact angle hysteresis on the distribution of the displacing or displaced fluid, but limit the influence on the displacement efficiency.
A “Standard Cross-Section” Method for the Calculation of Riverbed and Bank Shear Stresses
LUO You, ZHU Senlin, CAO Bing, JIANG Chenjuan
2021, 42(9): 915-923.   doi: 10.21656/1000-0887.420048
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Seeking for the “zero shear stress dividing line” and quantifying the apparent shear stress at the interface between adjacent sub-regions are 2 main methods to calculate the riverbed and bank shear stresses. To simplify the empirical expression for apparent shear stresses along the dividing line, a “momentum transfer-equilibrium deviation” (MTED) assumption that the apparent shear stress can be calculated based on the deviation of momentum transportation from its equilibrium value, was proposed. A “standard cross-section” concept was applied to determine the equilibrium value. All the rectangular and trapezoidal cross-sections can be correlated with certain standard cross-sections. Based on the MTED assumption and the concept of standard cross-sections, the empirical expressions for the apparent shear stresses along the dividing line and the bed and bank boundary shear stresses, were established. More than 200 data from different lab experiments were used to verify different methods. The results show that, the proposed method improves the calculation accuracy and can be applied to both rectangular and trapezoidal cross-sections, as well as to both smooth and rough channels.
Existence and Blowup of Positive Solutions to a Class of Multilateral Flow Equations
LI Jianjun, TANG Yina
2021, 42(9): 924-931.   doi: 10.21656/1000-0887.420022
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The global existence and blowup of the solutions to a class of multilateral filtration equations with non-local Neumann boundary conditions and nonlinear absorption terms were studied. First, the super- and sub-solutions were defined for the studied equations and the comparison principle was established. Then, the equation was investigated with constructed functions, differential inequalities, eigenfunctions, ordinary differential equation and elliptic second boundary value solutions. The global existence of non-negative solutions to the equations and the conditions for blowup in a finite time for the parameters, weight functions and initial values in different value ranges were obtained.
Applied Mathematics
Study on Numerical Solutions to Hyperbolic Partial Differential Equations Based on the Convolutional Neural Network Model
GAO Puyang, ZHAO Zitong, YANG Yang
2021, 42(9): 932-947.   doi: 10.21656/1000-0887.420050
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In recent years, artificial neural networks developed rapidly. Application of this method to partial differential equations became a new idea for exploring numerical solutions to differential equations. Compared with the traditional methods, it has some advantages, such as a wide range of applications (i.e. the same model can be used to solve multiple types of equations) and low meshing requirements. In addition, the trained model can be directly used to calculate the numerical solution at any point in the computation domain. The weight coefficients in the traditional finite volume method were optimized based on the convolutional neural network model to get a new numerical scheme with highresolution results on the coarse grid. The proposed model helps solve the Burgers and level set equations efficiently and stably with high accuracy.
Singularly Perturbed and Soliton Solutions to a Class of KdV-Burgers Equations
BAO Liping, LI Ruixiang, WU Liqun
2021, 42(9): 948-957.   doi: 10.21656/1000-0887.420011
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A class of KdV-Burgers equations with large Reynolds numbers and weak dispersions were discussed, which were mathematically expressed as a class of singularly perturbed KdV-Burgers equations. The interaction between the nonlinear term and the dispersion term in the KdV-Burgers equation forms a stable forward-propagation soliton. Through mathematical analysis, the propagation path and speed of the soliton were described. By means of the singularly perturbed expansion method, the asymptotic solution to the problem was constructed. First, the degenerate solution was obtained with the Riemann-Earnshaw method, and the simple wave was obtained. There is a velocity difference between any point of the simple wave shape and the initial point, which makes the wave form continuously distorted in the process of propagation, and finally forms the shock wave surface, namely discontinuity. There is a time-varying jump in the velocity of particles between both sides of the discontinuity. Second, a modified traveling wave transformation was built through substitution of variables at the discontinuity of the degenerate solution, to obtain soliton solutions of the expansion of internal solutions and prove the existence and uniqueness of the internal and external solutions. Finally, the residual term was estimated with the existence of the uniformly bounded inverse operator, and the uniform effectiveness of the asymptotic solution was obtained. The results show that, the perturbations of KdV-Burgers equations with large Reynolds numbers and weak dispersions concentrate on the neighbourhoods of the discontinuities of the degenerate solutions. The soliton links the particles across the 2 sides, and its propagation path is not a linear form of time and space, but leads along the discontinuity of the degenerate solution, forming a stable waveform.
Stability of Vector Optimization Problems Under Approximate Equilibrium Constraints via Free-Disposal Sets
ZENG Yue, PENG Zaiyun, LIANG Renli, SHAO Chongyang
2021, 42(9): 958-967.   doi: 10.21656/1000-0887.410244
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The stability of vector optimization problems under approximate equilibrium constraints (AOPVF) via free-disposal sets was discussed. Firstly, the Berge-semicontinuity of the constraint set mapping and the closedness, the convexity and the compactness of the constraint set were obtained with the weaker convexity assumption. Moreover, under the assumption of Gamma-convergence for the objective functional sequences, the lower Painlevé-Kuratowski convergence of the weak efficient solution set and the Berge-semicontinuity of weak efficient solution mappings for AOPVF were obtained respectively. Some examples illustrate that the results are new and meaningful.
The Phragmén-Lindelöf Type Alternative Results for Binary Heat Conduction Equations
LI Yuanfei, ZENG Peng, CHEN Xuejiao
2021, 42(9): 968-978.   doi: 10.21656/1000-0887.420031
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The asymptotic behavior of the solution to the binary heat conduction equation in the semi-infinite domain was considered, in which the local non-homogeneous Neumann condition was applied to the side of the cylinder. This condition simulates the local damage of the insulation material on the side of the cylinder. By means of the differential inequality technique and the energy analysis method, the Phragmén-Lindelöf-type alternative results of the heat conduction model were obtained.
The Random ADMM and Its Application to Convex Economic Dispatch Problems of Power Systems
CHEN Weijun, LUO Honglin, PENG Jianwen
2021, 42(9): 979-988.   doi: 10.21656/1000-0887.420040
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A new random alternating direction method of multipliers (ADMM) was designed to solve convex economic dispatch problems in power systems. The convergence of the random ADMM was analyzed. Under some mild assumptions, the random ADMM, according to the cycle update rule and the random selection update rule, was proved to converge to an optimal solution of the convex economic dispatch problem. The numerical experimental results show that, the proposed method is effective to solve convex economic dispatch problems.
Block-Sparse Signal Recovery via l2/lq(q=2/3) Minimization
ZHU Dechun, ZHOU Jun, CAO Manxia, HUANG Wei
2021, 42(9): 989-998.   doi: 10.21656/1000-0887.420009
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The recovery of block-sparse signals was mainly studied. By means of the block restricted q-isometry property (block q-RIP) with 0<q≤1, a sufficient condition for block-sparse signal recovery was established through mixed l2/lq(q=2/3) norm minimization with q=2/3,and an error bound for signal recovery in the presence of noise was obtained. Through numerical experiments, it is verified that the model has a high success rate for block-sparse signal recovery.

Damage Identification for Bridge Structures Based on the Wavelet Neural Network Method
XIAO Shu-min, YAN Yun-ju, JIANG Bo-lan
2016, 37(2): 149-159.   doi: 10.3879/j.issn.1000-0887.2016.02.004
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The PseudoExcitation Method and Its Industrial Applications in China and Abroad
LIN Jia-hao, ZHANG Ya-hui, ZHAO Yan
2017, 38(1): 1-31.   doi: 10.21656/1000-0887.370578
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Uncertainty Quantification for System Identification Utilizing the Bayesian Theory and Its Recent Advances
YAN Wang-ji, CAO Shi-ze, REN Wei-xin.
2017, 38(1): 44-59.   doi: 10.21656/1000-0887.370571
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Detached-Eddy Simulation of Flow Past Tandem Cylinders
ZHAO Wei-wen, WAN De-cheng
2016, 37(12): 1272-1281.   doi: 10.21656/1000-0887.370546
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Convergence Results on Heat Source for 2D Viscous Primitive Equations of Ocean Dynamics
LI Yuanfei
2020, 41(3): 339-352.   doi: 10.21656/1000-0887.400176
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Simulation of Multi-Hydrofracture Horizontal Wells in Shale Based on the Extended Finite Element Method
CHEN Jun-bin, WEI Bo, XIE Qing, WANG Han-qing, LI Tao-tao, WANG Hao
2016, 37(1): 73-83.   doi: 10.3879/j.issn.1000-0887.2016.01.006
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页岩储层水平井分段多簇压裂簇间距优选是压裂技术的关键,建立了水力压裂流固耦合数学模型,基于扩展有限单元法模拟多条裂缝的扩展过程,研究多条裂缝同时扩展的转向规律,以及应力干扰、水平主应力差、裂缝间距等因素与裂缝转向角度的关系.结果表明:应力干扰作用对裂缝宽度具有限制作用,单条裂缝张开宽度比两条裂缝的大;裂缝转角随应力差的减小而增大,随压裂时间的增加而增大.簇间距越小,应力干扰越强,转角越大,综合主缝均匀扩展、支撑剂填充以及复杂裂缝网络形成等条件,确定最优簇间距为30~40 m.多条裂缝同时扩展时,中间裂缝会受到两边裂缝的限制作用,簇间距越小,限制作用越强,裂缝发育时间越长,扩展速度越慢.
Analysis on Shear Deformation and Shear-lag Effects on Twin-Cell Box Girders
ZHANG Hui, ZHANG Yu-yuan, ZHANG Yuan-hai, LI Wei
2016, 37(8): 791-803.   doi: 10.21656/1000-0887.370056
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Some New Advances in the Probability Density Evolution Method
LI Jie, CHEN Jian-bing
2017, 38(1): 32-43.   doi: 10.21656/1000-0887.370336
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Investigations of Self-Propulsion in Waves of Fully Appended ONR Tumblehome Model
WANG Jian-hua, WAN De-cheng
2016, 37(12): 1345-1358.   doi: 10.21656/1000-0887.370525
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采用基于重叠网格技术的CFD方法数值研究了全附体ONRT船模在迎浪工况中自航的水动力特性.文中数值计算采用自主开发的面向船舶与海洋工程的CFD求解器naoe-FOAM-SJTU.自航计算中船体运动及螺旋桨转动等通过重叠网格技术完成,波浪环境则采用求解器中的三维数值造波和消波模块实现.计算中自航船模的螺旋桨转速通过静水自航数值计算得出,波浪工况计算采用东京2015 CFD会议中标准算例进行设置.数值计算结果,如船体运动、实时航速变化等,与试验数据进行了对比分析.此外,给出了数值预报的推力和扭矩系数,并且通过详细的流场信息来分析和解释了船模在波浪中自航过程中的水动力变化情况.数值预报结果同试验值吻合较好,说明采用当前结合重叠网格技术和CFD的数值方法可以很好地预报波浪中自航问题.
Chaos Control for the Duopoly Cournot-Puu Model
DU Lin, ZHANG Ying, HU Gao-ge, LEI You-ming
2017, 38(2): 224-232.   doi: 10.21656/1000-0887.370256
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Study of Stress Field Near Interface Crack Tip of Double Dissimilar Orthotropic Composite Materials
LI Jun-lin, ZHANG Shao-qin, YANG Wei-yang
2008, 29(8): 947-953.  
[Abstract](2804) [PDF 460KB](9)
A study of double dissintilar orthotropic composite materials interfacial crack was made by constivcting new stress functions and employing the method of composite material complex.In the case that the characteristic equations' discriminants are all more than zero,the theoretical fonmula of the stress field and the displacement field near the mode Ⅰ interface crack tip,without oscillation and inter-embedding between the interfaces of the crack were delved.
Second Order Approximation Solution of Nonlinear Large Deflection Problem of Yongjiang Railway Bridge in Ningbo
CHIEN Wei-zang
2002, 23(5): 441-451.  
[Abstract](4865) [PDF 395KB](45)
The solution and computational aspects on nonlinear deflection of Yongjiang Railway Bridge in Ningbo were investigated.An approximate iteration algorithm on nonlinear governing equation was presented,and the obtained results show that,if altitude difference and span of the riverbanks are taken as 5 meters and 100 meters,respectively,the maximum gradient in the middle of the bridge exceeds 5%,much larger than maximum allowance gradient in railway design code.Therefor,a new solution scheme for decreasing gradient of the bridge is put forward,that is,the altitude difference between two riverbanks can be decreased to about 1/10 of the initial magnitude by building roadbeds with 0.5% gradient and 1 kilometer length at two riverbanks.As a direct result,the deflection gradient of the railway bridge is much reduced and the value is between 0.5%~0.6%.